At CHANDLER BUSINESS SOLUTIONS our passion is people. Maintaining a sound relationship between all in the workplace is imperative to the success of every business.

We have found that it is especially in small businesses where the owner often wears all the different hats that Employment Law and Human Resources are often given the least amount of attention, until the owner is faced with non-compliance, a disgruntled employee or possibly a disciplinary matter, CCMA or Bargaining Council case.

With our knowledge and expertise, we aid and advice on Employment Law and HR Support functions to help keep the employee-employer relationship healthy.

Verna Chandler-Taylor has focused her career on Employment Law and Human Resources and is the Founder of CBS. She is a Skills Development facilitator and holds a PGD in Labour Law Practice. She is an expert in Legal Compliance, Health and Safety, Training & Development, Human Resource Management and Labour Relations.  


Successful mediation of the Employer – Employee relationship.


At Chandler Business Solutions, our mission is to:

  • Build strategic alliances and partnerships with our clients.
  • Offer comprehensive business solutions.
  • Introduce workplace methodologies that are sustainable.
  • Develop best practises that are flexible.


“Human Capital” management - to maximise Growth and Productivity to achieve Optimal Profitability.


  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Client focus
  • Flexibility